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Easy and Elegant Entertaining Menus

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Easy and Elegant Entertaining Ideas

Easy and Elegant Entertaining Ideas

I have loved theme parties as long as I can remember. When I was working in Corporate America, I planned all the corporate hospitality events in my division.

When I became a mom, I was all about the themed birthday parties.  

As my kiddos grew, I volunteered to "help" at my children's school's Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.  I ended up chairing the event for 9 years.

Themes to me, always seem to make planning easier, from the invitations, and the decorations, to the food.  It just seems to flow.  Who doesn't like a plan?

Consider me your personal event planner.  I thought you might enjoy a few themed Cherchies® menus to make your entertaining easy and elegant.  

(I'll do a blog in the future with some creative themed parties, complete with invitations and decorations). Happy Entertaining!

Ladies Luncheon


Romantic Dinner for Two


Mexican Fiesta  

Backyard Grilling