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Blackberry Salmon Salad Recipe

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Blackberry Salmon Salad Recipe

Blackberry Salmon Salad Recipe

Blackberry Champagne Salmon...round two!

I love extending meals throughout the week as wasting food is just taboo in my opinion. Everyone likes to save money (because when you do, you can do more shopping) and using leftovers in a new way makes sense.

My children are not a fan of leftovers.  I'm not sure why. Maybe I've gone about it all wrong, and it's the word "leftover". It's funny to watch as they stare at the open refrigerator pondering whether new food will magically appear (I sound like that commercial...that really makes me laugh), until I mention, "Hey, there's leftover salmon in the frig".  Hmmm, I think they just want mom to do it for them. I'm onto them:)

This lovely "light" salad is refreshing and is adorned with our Blackberry Champagne Salmon (leftovers).




In a large bowl combine salad ingredients. Mix all ingredients for vinaigrette in a small bowl (this recipe makes about a cup of vinaigrette, so you'll have more for later). Right before serving, add salmon and drizzle a couple of Tablespoons of vinaigrette (according to preference) over the salad. Enjoy!