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Chardonnay Guacamole Recipe

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Chardonnay Guacamole Recipe

Mmmmm...Guacamole.  Very simple to make, especially using leftover salsa (I used Cherchies Oh Sooo Simple Salsa Recipe), but you can always substitute your favorite salsa.  

However, the unique blend of spices in our Cherchies® Chardonnay Lime & Cilantro Seasoning takes this guacamole over the top!



Halve avocados, and remove pits with knife.  (Put blade into pit, and gently twist to remove). Make small slits in avocado shells with knife, and scoop out avocado.

In a medium bowl, mash avocados with a fork.  Depending on your "chunk level" mash until desired consistency (I like to have my guacamole on the chunkier side).  


Slice lime and squeeze into bowl.  Stir.

Add chopped onions.

The chips are salivating!  For a spooky Halloween version, cut up peppers to resemble Jack o Lanterns, and fill the peppers with the guacamole.  Instant spookiness!