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Ham and Mustard Biscuit Recipe

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Ham and Mustard Biscuit Recipe

Ham and Mustard Biscuit Recipe

What could be better than biscuits and ham?  Biscuits with ham and our signature champagne mustard. Leftover holiday ham makes its debut in these little beauties.  These sandwiches are perfect as a hearty appetizer, lunch, or snack. For testing purposes, we used 1 package of refrigerated biscuits, cooked. Feel free to use your own biscuit recipe.  



ham and mustard bisquit


Cook biscuits according to package directions. Slice biscuits in half, and place on plate.  Add 1 teaspoon (more to taste) of champagne mustard to biscuit.  Load biscuits with several slices of ham.  

Instant sandwich!  Enjoy.