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Spread the Word...and the Mustard! 20 Mustard Recipes You Need to Try Right Now!

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20 Mustard Recipes You Need to Try Right Now!

20 Mustard Recipes You Need to Try Right Now!

Mustard is not just for hot dogs anymore.  Did you know that beyond the beloved wieners and sandwiches, mustard is a very common addition to many culinary dishes?  It's used as a thickener for stews, an emulsifier for vinaigrette, a glaze or rub for meats, a dip for pretzels, chicken tenders, and so much more?  

Did you also know the first Saturday in August (8/5/17) is dedicated to honoring this prestigious condiment, believed to be over 5,000 years old? -  In fact, in Middleton, Wisconsin, the Mustard Museum (there is such a thing) celebrates and honors everything mustard each year on National Mustard Day!  With our very own award-winning, gourmet mustards (Champagne MustardCranberry Mustard, and Hot Banana Pepper Mustard) showcased at the Mustard Museum, it seems only fitting to celebrate too. After all, mustard is what started our company back in 1978!  

Because we love mustard and because we love you, we are celebrating our favorite condiment with a sale!  Come and visit us at beginning Friday 8/4/17 for our weekend mustard sale!  In the meantime, enjoy 20 of our favorite tasty mustard recipes.

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Our Favorite Mustard Recipes.