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Halloween Food Ideas You Must Try!

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Halloween Food Ideas You Must Try!

Happy Halloween!  I am a sucker for theme parties, always have been and I absolutely love Halloween!  It's one of the few holidays that are virtually stress free. Perhaps my love for Halloween has grown over the years because we have children and their excitement has excited us, or perhaps I just love playing with my food...or perhaps it's just me!  Now that our children are older it warms my heart that they still request spooky treats on Halloween.

Prior to the 6:00 hour on Halloween night, we usually have our children's friends and their parents join us for some ghoulish treats. (Sometimes we continue the celebration long after the Trick or Treaters have left:)

In celebrating Halloween I thought it would be fun to share our favorite Halloween food ideas using our favorite Cherchies® products!  What are your favorite Halloween foods and traditions?  We'd love to hear your favorites!  

Thank you for visiting!  Have a safe and Happy Halloween!  Enjoy!  

Food Ideas

Festive Deviled Eggsfeaturing Cherchies® Champagne Mustard and Cherchies® Pretty Peppers.  Add a couple of drops of blue food coloring, Cherchies® Pretty Peppers, olives, and hot sauce and instantly transform your deviled eggs into spooky eyeballs.

Spooky English Muffin Pizzasfeaturing Cherchies® Garlic Seasoning.  This is not revolutionary but our children enjoy creating these mini English Muffin pizzas at Halloween.

Witches Cheese Brooms With Hot Banana Pepper Mustardfeaturing Cherchies® Hot Banana Pepper Mustard (ON SALE UNTIL 11/1/16).   This idea is brilliant, turning an ordinary cheese stick into a broomstick. How fun and easy, right? 

Champagne Mummy Hot Dogsfeaturing Cherchies® Champagne Mustard or Cherchies® Hot Banana Pepper Mustard- Simply wrap the hot dogs with refrigerated crescent roll dough and add some mustard eyes for this spooky treat!

Spooky Peppers- featuring Cherchies® Lem 'n Dill Dip Recipe and Chardonnay Guacamole RecipeCut Peppers to Resemble Jack O Lanterns and fill with dip and guacamole.  

Spooky Decorating Ideas- I thought you'd also like some fun Halloween decorating ideas.  These are things are family has done over the years, cake pop eyeballs, a repurposed Halloween costume, and pure Halloween fun!

Happy Halloween!