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Witches Cheese Brooms With Hot Banana Pepper Mustard Recipe

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Witches Cheese Brooms With Hot Banana Pepper Mustard Recipe

Cook Time:  5 minutes  

Difficulty:  Easy

I'm a sucker for themed events, always have been, whether it is a Game Day Celebration, or a festive brunch, the details, the food and the decorations are a huge part of who I am, and Halloween is no exception (call me mini-Martha, although at 5'9" I'm anything but mini).   

This idea is brilliant, turning an ordinary cheese stick into a broomstick. How fun and easy, right?  I love creating healthy snacks for our children and when I saw these cuties in an old cookbook (remember those?), I couldn't resist surprising our gang with this delightful Halloween treat!   Our children are teenagers but they still appreciate fun food...maybe I've rubbed off on them after all:)

I went a step further with these broomsticks and served them with our Hot Banana Pepper Mustard because to me, pretzels, cheese, and mustard are meant to be together:)  For a milder dipping sauce, you could substitute our Champagne Mustard or our Cranberry Mustard , but since our gang tends to like things spicier, I went with The Hot Banana Pepper Mustard.  There you go.  Without fail, the broomsticks were devoured.

So this Halloween, serve these broomsticks along with our Festive Deviled Eyeballs, our Champagne Mummy Hot Dogs, our Spooky English Muffin Pizzas, and a salad for a complete Halloween spread!  Maybe your family will be so full, they won't eat any candy, ha!  Happy Halloween!



Cut mozzarella sticks in half.  With a sharp paring knife, score slits around the perimeter of the cheese stick, making sure to only cut into two-thirds of the cheese stick, allowing room at the top for the pretzel to be inserted.  Gently pry the cheese apart to look like a broom.

Insert the pretzel stick into uncut portion of the cheese stick.

Cut fresh chives into thirds.  Tie one-third of the chive around each of the broomsticks.   Snip off ends of the chive.

Serve with your favorite dipping sauce, in this case our Hot Banana Pepper Mustard

That's it!  Easy Peazy!  Adults and children, will enjoy this easy treat!  Happy Halloween!