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Top 10 Ten Recipes for a Successful BBQ + Bonus

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Top 10 Recipes for a Successful Backyard BBQ

Top 10 Recipes for a Successful Backyard BBQ

Labor Day, the official end to summer, is fast approaching and sadly soon the weather will be turning chilly.  It also means back to school.  Ho hum.  While most people look forward to their children returning to school, I love having them home for the summer (I guess I like the laziness of the schedules).   I guess secretly once they get back into their routines I can now come out of the closet (seriously, I hide in my closet sometimes to type my blog during the my kids can't find me). Ha!

But Labor Day also means backyard barbecues!  I love to entertain and I love to be outside celebrating with family and friends, but I especially enjoy entertaining when the weather is warm!  I have put together my Top Ten Cherchies® Recipes for a Successful Backyard Barbecue, so you can have an easy breezy Labor Day party.  Enjoy!