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Cooking with Kids- Waffle Sandwiches

Sheri SpalloneComment

I love cooking with my kiddos!  It's a great time to bond with my children and talk about their day and teach them how to cook.  Plus, being the mom of two young teens and a young adult, these moments are precious!

This is my 14-year-old son cooking up one of our new favorites, grilled ham and cheese...with a waffle iron!  I love love love this idea!

I made tomato soup recently, and I asked my family if they wanted grilled cheese for dinner.  Of course...silly mom!

Then I mentioned, "you know...I saw sandwiches cooked in a waffle iron on the internet, want to try?"  

Low and behold, (I've never seen teens jump so fast at anything), they jumped up, grabbed some turkey, ham, butter, tomatoes. bread, our gourmet Champagne Mustard, Apple Butter Spread, other condiments, and started experimenting!  And mom smiled:)

We brushed butter on a hot waffle iron and began assembling the sandwiches.  My 14-year-old son made a sandwich with bread, Apple Butter,  turkey, ham, and cheese.  I'll post the combinations at a later time, as well as a picture (they gobbled their creations before I could capture a picture).

Besides waffle sandwiches, here are other quick and easy Cherchies® recipes my kiddos have made on their own.  Let us know what you create with our products!  Have fun!