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Lem 'n Dill Egg in a Cup Recipe

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Lem 'n Dill Egg in a Cup Recipe

Lem 'n Dill Egg in a Cup Recipe

This is my family’s favorite “sick day” meal.  I had never heard of “Egg in a Cup”, when I first got married. My dear hubby made this for me one time when I didn’t feel well.  He said his mom (my lovely mother-in-law…no really…she’s awesome!) would make this for him and his sister when they were sick.  

So, a new tradition was born with our children.  Now that my children are older, they make their own! (Just kidding, mom still takes care of her babies when they’re sick).  My children make this recipe sometimes before school.  


In a coffee mug or small bowl, beat eggs with a fork.  Tear up pieces of bread, and put into bowl.  Then of course do the same with the cheese...why not? 

Add Cherchies Lem 'n Dill Seasoning to the egg mixture, and mix everything together.  Microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until done.

Voila!  Egg in a cup.  Mmmm!