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Cooking Tip: How to Use Leftover Herbs

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Cooking Tip:  How To Use Leftover Herbs

Cooking Tip:  How To Use Leftover Herbs

Whether you grow herbs at home or purchase them from your local farmer's market or grocery store, inevitably you are given more than you need.  

So what is one to do with leftover fresh herbs? Here are some of our favorite tips to help you save money and waste less!

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  • Make herbed ice cubes-Wash and dry fresh herbs, chop them by hand or place them in a food processor and pulse.  Spoon the chopped herbs into ice cube trays, cover with water, freeze, and store the cubes in ziplock freezer bags when frozen.  Use individual cubes to season your favorite dishes.
  • Add to sandwiches- Fresh herbs such as Basil can be used in place of lettuce to liven up sandwiches. -Cook's International Kitchen Hacks
  • Dry them- Tie up bunches of herbs with kitchen twine and hang herbs to dry.  OR, for a quick dry, wash and dry herbs and place on a clean paper towel and microwave for 30-40 seconds.  Either way, crumble dried herbs and place in an air-tight container to use in your favorite meals. - Cook's International Kitchen Hacks
  • Create spice packets- For spices that need to be removed from cooking, such as Parsley or Bay Leaves, fill a clean tea filter bag (the ones used for loose tea) with the desired herbs, tie with kitchen twine, and remove the packet when finished cooking.  No more fishing for those items. - Cook's International Kitchen Hacks
  • Make infused oils or vinegar- Add your favorite herbs to olive oil or vinegar to use for cooking tasty meals.  See How to Make Infused Oils.
  • Make compound butter- Add freshly chopped herbs to softened butter to create flavorful compound butters.  See How to Make Compound Butters.  The perfect gift for the cook in your life!
  • Make herbed cream cheese spreads- Add to softened cream cheese and serve with bagels, spread on sandwiches, or dip with vegetables.
  • Make vinaigrette- Add your favorite chopped fresh herbs to vinegar and olive oil for a delightfully fresh vinaigrette.
  • Create Simple Syrups- Add herbs to equal parts of water and sugar, cook until sugar is dissolved and cool.  Add the simple syrup to your favorite beverage or cocktail.