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Hot Pepper Cream Cheese Recipe

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Pretty Hot Pepper Cream Cheese Recipe

I'm sure many of you have heard of serving hot pepper jelly over cream cheese as an easy appetizer.  How about sweet and spicy Pretty Hot Peppers over cream cheese?  Easy, elegant, and only two ingredients (three if you count the crackers).  Like it sweeter?  Try our Pretty Peppers.

My children hate peppers, I try to disguise them as best as possible when I'm cooking, but they LOVE LOVE LOVE Cherchies® Pretty Hot Peppers and/or Cherchies® Pretty Peppers, especially served this way as an appetizer. They're perfect in eggs, casseroles, salads, crab cakes, dips, and so much more.  You need to try them too!  

Can't decide?  Try them both:)



Spread cream cheese onto a plate.  Spoon the Pretty Hot Peppers or Pretty Peppers over top the cream cheese.  Or, be daring and dollop one half of the cream cheese with Pretty Peppers and the other half with Pretty Hot Peppers and let your guests decide:)  Enjoy!

Serve with crackers.  Easy Peasy...done!