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15 Uses For Ketchup That Will Change Your Life

Sheri SpalloneComment

15 Uses For Ketchup That Will Change Your Life

When you think of ketchup, you probably think of that quintessential dipping sauce for french fries or the amplifier to burgers and hotdogs, right? What about cooking with Ketchup? 

This all-american condiment deserves to be the star of the show in your cooking, especially gourmet ketchups.  Gourmet mustards have been a trend for a long time. Now there's a new kid on the block, gourmet ketchups! These artisanal ketchups from Fine Vines feature interesting flavors like Grill Smoke, Sriracha, Thai Ginger, Black Truffle, and of course..The Original.

Beyond the typical french fry dipping sauce, there are so many cool uses for ketchup in the kitchen. We'd like to share a few recipes with you and our favorite uses for ketchup.


15 Uses for Ketchup

  • Dipping Sauce for French Fries-  That we already knew.
  • Sloppy Joes- Use it as a base for this tangy meat sandwich.
  • Meatloaf-  Perfect as that sticky glaze on top of meatloaf.
  • Homemade BBQ Sauce- Add some liquid smoke and your favorite spices to create your own masterpiece.
  • Cocktail Sauce- Ketchup and Horseradish Sauce, mixed together.  
  • Cheesesteaks-  A Philly Favorite!
  • Stuffed Peppers-  Similar to sloppy joes, but stuffed into a pepper
  • Chili-  Add your favorite spices, beans, and meat.
  • Beefaroni-  Mac-n-cheese with a tomato base.
  • Salisbury Steak- Add ketchup to the sauce.
  • Pasta dishes- Marinara sauces come from tomatoes, so why not ketchup?
  • Bloody Mary's- Yep you heard that right;)
  • Salad Dressings- Thousand Island, Russian, and Catalini
  • Baked Beans- Ketchup, beans, brown sugar and spices.
  • Copper Polisher!!!-  You heard me right.  From Mac Kohler at Brooklyn Copper, mix ketchup and fine sea salt into a paste and rub onto copper.  After a couple of minutes, wipe clean and voila!

So now you know all there is to know about ketchup.  Happy cooking!  What are your favorite uses?