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What To Do With Muffin Tins- 25 Amazing Hacks

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What To Do With Muffing Tins- 25 Amazing Hacks

Do you know the muffin pan?  Yes, the muffin pan! The one who lives on Bakery Lane?  Sorry:)  Who knew that aside from baking, the simple muffin pan could be useful in so many ways, in the kitchen, around the house, in craft projects, etc? Re-purposing common kitchen gadgets such as muffin pans (aka muffin tins), is an amazing strategy for saving money, saving space, getting organized, plus it's just plain fun.  Amen!   Who's with me?

I had no idea when I first started this blog post, the infinite uses for a muffin tin!  I knew this was one of my favorite kitchen tools, but now I am 100% convinced, it IS my favorite!!!  I kept finding more and more uses as I researched.   Crazy! Aside from foods, (muffins, quiches, appetizers, baked desserts, etc.), muffin pans are so versatile and you we will be blown away when you read this!  Are you ready?

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25 Amazing Muffin Tin Hacks

1. Doo dad (what exactly is a doo dad?) and desk organizer -

2. The perfect holder for stuffed tomatoes or peppers-

3. Use it to transport stuffed mushrooms or Festive deviled eggs- from and www.justimagine-ddoc

4. Organize ingredients while you cook, otherwise known as "mise en place".   Add a liner and clean up is a breeze.-

5. Bake eggs in the shell (What??) ( or pour into tins to make egg sandwiches.

6.  Turn muffin tin over to make cookie bowls, taco bowls, etc. - and

7.  Freeze stock, sauce, or tomato paste and then place in freezer bags for future use-

6.  Turn upside down to use as a cooling rack cooling rack- from

7.  Topping for taco or potato bar-

8.   A portable carrier for drinks

9.  Ravioli Maker??? (ok, mind blown.  I know this person used a ravioli mold, but you could easily use mini muffin tins) -

10.   Condiment holder for burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches -

11.  Ice Cubes in a pinch, filled with fruit. -

12.  Counting games-

13.  Meal tray for children -

14.  Home Decor- fill with family photos and hang-

15.  Organizer for cupcake, cake, or ice cream toppings-

16.  School supplies organizer-

17.  rustic votive candle

18.  Make new crayons using old crayons- Bake in a 350 degree oven until crayons are melted.

19.  Cup holder for the car-

20.  seed starter-

21.  Craft paint mixers-

22.  Freeze leftover pesto or tomato paste-

23.  Freeze individual portions of soup-

24.   DIT bath bombs molds-

25.  Seed

26.  Ok, one more...bonus! Taco stand-