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Cooking Tip: Saucy Solutions for Tomatoes

cooking tipsSheri SpalloneComment

How to use tomatoes from the garden you ask and not waste your precious bounty?  This is an easy cooking tip...Make sauce!  I am so garden is incredible this year.  I have a plethora of tomatoes, with more coming every day. Aside from setting up a produce stand (not a bad daughter would love that), and giving to neighbors, I am freezing for a later make tomato sauce.  

My mother used to can vegetables when I was younger.  Some swear by this practice, but I have yet to tackle this lost art (I promise I will...that would be a nice family activity...I could just see my pre-teen and teens canning with me in canning bliss...ha!).  

To freeze the tomatoes, simply wash and dry the tomatoes (the riper the better) and place in a resealable plastic bag and place in the freezer for a later date (for when your family wants to help you can).  When you are ready to use your wonderful summer tomatoes, pull them out of the freezer, run them under warm water to easily remove the skins, and starts "saucing" :)