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Cooking Tip: How to Prevent Potatoes from Oxidizing (Turning Brown)

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Cooking Tip! How to prevent potatoes from turning brown

Cooking Tip! How to prevent potatoes from turning brown

Luckily my family was very supportive one Christmas when I served them "au grey potatoes" (That's au gratin potatoes that had turned grey...I was mortified!)  I had to really push my kids for the "one bite rule", but luckily, the potatoes tasted yummy, and their noses unwrinkled.

I have learned a lot of cooking lessons along the way, usually the hard way, so I thought I'd pass this onto you.  I love when a recipe indicates you can "make the dish ahead".  I made this dish ahead since I was planning for a Christmas crowd, but I wanted to cook the potatoes day of.  The recipe left out one crucial soak the potatoes!

My dear folks, the lesson here is if you don't plan to cook your potatoes right away, soak the potatoes in cold water until ready to cook.  The result, beautiful white potatoes...not shades of grey;)