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All Things Cranberry! Our Favorite Recipes

Sheri SpalloneComment

All Things Cranberry!  Our Favorite Cranberry Recipes

With Thanksgiving literally around the corner, it's time to think about the feast...and the cranberries, those tart little gems traditionally synonymous with Turkey Day!  We love cranberries!

Three of our products contain cranberries, our award-winning Cranberry Mustard, a sweet and tangy mustard, our Cranberry Hot Pepper Jam, a sweet and spicy blend of cranberries and jalapeno peppers, and our Cranberry Preserves, a sweet/tart preserve with a hint of Champagne.

Caution, you may get obsessed with these products, as they are that good:)  

In honor of Thanksgiving, below are some of our favorite cranberry recipes, using our Cranberry Mustard, our Cranberry Hot Pepper Jam, and our Cranberry Preserves.  Perhaps you'll be able to add something cranberry to the Thanksgiving table this year:) Thank you for visiting our blog. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving friends!

Cranberry Mustard

Cranberry Hot Pepper Jam

Cranberry Preserves