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Turkey and Cheese Waffle Panini Recipe

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Turkey and Cheese Waffle Panini Recipe

Turkey and Cheese Waffle Panini Recipe

Cooking Time:  10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

My kiddos have begged me for a panini press for some time, and while the thought of having one more appliance didn't appeal to me, the idea of my kiddos cooking together did, so I am at an impasse.

Thank you Pinterest people for always providing such fabulous ideas!  You are all so creative, because while I was trying to justify another appliance, I ran across an idea to use my waffle iron and simulate a panini press!  Yipee! Impasse avoided!

I told my kiddos about my waffle discovery when they came home from school.  Low and behold, (I've never seen teens jump so fast at anything), they jumped up, grabbed some turkey, ham, butter, bread, our gourmet Champagne MustardApple Butter Spread, Cranberry Preserves, Cranberry Mustard, and started experimenting...and mom smiled:)

As I mentioned in my "Cooking With Kids" Blog recently, my kiddos gobbled up their waffle sandwich creations before I had a chance to photograph them.  With Thanksgiving next week, I recreated one of their culinary inventions for you, which includes leftover turkey, Cranberry Preserves (Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without something Cranberry), Champagne Mustard, and cheese. Oh my goodness...the flavor! The waffle sandwich possibilities are endless (grilled ham and cheese with Champagne Mustard would be nice too).  

Who knows, maybe I'll break down after all and get them a panini press for Christmas, since they love to cook so much!  Shhh, don't tell them.

BTW, stay tuned later this week.  Our newsletter (don't forget to sign down until you see the section for our newsletter, and enter your email) will be going out on this Friday with some fantastic deals on our cranberry products.  That's right, all three cranberry products mentioned will be on sale this weekend, beginning this Friday:)  Surprise!  

Here's our secret recipe (not really secret).

Ingredients (per sandwich)


Turn on waffle iron.  Generously butter (or use cooking spray on both plates of waffle iron).  While waffle iron is warming, assemble the sandwich.

Spread one slice of bread with a small amount of Cranberry Preserves, and the other with Champagne Mustard.  Then add the turkey...

And don't forget the cheese!  My mouth is already salivating!  Place the sandwich on the waffle iron, close the lid, press down slightly, and wait for the waffle iron light to go off. 

 It's that easy to recreate something new with leftover turkey!  Let us know your favorite Cherchies® combinations.  Next time I think I'll add stuffing...saw that too on Pinterest...Thanksgiving reconstituted:)  I love it!  Enjoy!