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Apple Butter Oatmeal Recipe

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Apple Butter Oatmeal Recipe

Cook Time: 5 minutes (approx. 2 minutes in microwave)

Difficulty:  Easy

Sometimes the simplest ideas are right under your nose. Take for example oatmeal. Yes, a somewhat simplistic topic, but there's so much you can do with oatmeal (breakfast, healthy snacks, bread crumbs (yep), crisps, cookies...oh my, and it's so good for you!).

I'm always looking for fresh and easy recipes to share with you but had writer's block this I was eating my oatmeal. Duh! 

I love to add new flavors to my morning oatmeal, and as I looked into my kitchen pantry, it dawned on me...of butter, a specialty gourmet condiment I had all along!

Why hadn't I thought of this before?  I added about 1-2 Tablespoons of our Cherchies® Apple Butter Spread (I'm very picky about my apple butter), plus cinnamon, as well as a surprise at the end.  The end result, delicious and satisfying!



Combine the oats, water, apple butter spread, and the cinnamon.  Add water.  Stir together.

Heat oatmeal in the microwave for 1- 1 /2 min, or until desired consistency.  Now for the surprise...add a handful of dark chocolate chips, just because...Stir and enjoy!