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Cooking Tip: Cleaning with Lemons

cooking tipsSheri SpalloneComment

I LOVE lemons!!!  I love cooking with them, I love the smell of lemons, and I love how lemons impart that freshness factor to any dish.

But did you know? Lemons are not only used for cooking, lemons are natural disinfectants, due to their high acidity contents.  Here are a few lemony cleaning tips that may be helpful.

  • Sanitize a cutting board- Rub a clean cutting board with half a lemon, and let it sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing with water.
  • Clean the garbage disposal- Pour hot water, mixed with a half of a cup of lemon juice down a garbage disposal to sanitize and freshen.
  • Shiny Fixtures- Rub half a lemon on chrome fixtures and knobs.  Your bathroom will smell lemony fresh too!
  • Clean the microwave- Fill a small bowl with vinegar, add a couple of drops of lemon juice and place in the microwave. Run the microwave for a few minutes and then remove the bowl.  Cleanup should now be a breeze.
  •  Add a couple of drops of lemon juice to a sponge and use the sponge to clean a shower door.  Soap scum comes right off.

Cooking Tip: How to Clean with Lemons!