Inspirational Irish quotes

Sheri SpalloneComment

You would never know it was almost St. Patrick's Day and Spring here in Pennsylvania. Winter Storm Stella stopped by for a visit yesterday and left behind a sea of snow and ice, not exactly the mid-March weather we were hoping for, but at least she left our power intact. I know many of our fellow East Coast friends were not as lucky, so I hope you are all safe and warm.

So, to welcome St. Patrick's Day and Spring and perhaps warm your soul, I thought you would enjoy a picture of the Emerald Isle (aka Ireland) and some inspirational quotes!

There's a saying in Ireland, "If you can see the hills, it's going to rain if you can't, it's raining"- Dave Hogan. I wonder what they would say about blizzards?

Have a great day and Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Spring! 

  • "Laughter is brightest, where food is best". -Irish Proverb
  • "Bless us with good food, the gift of gab, and hearty laughter.   May the love we share be with us ever after".-Irish Blessing
  • "Kiss the cook...she's Irish" -(Love this one!)
  • As you ramble through life, whatever be your goal, keep your eye upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole.- Irish Proverb
  • "There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be". -Irish Proverb
  • "A cabin with plenty of food is better than a hungry castle". -Irish Proverb