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Smoked Turkey Wrap with Chipotle Aioli Recipe

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Smoked Turkey Wrap with Chipotle Aioli Recipe

Prep Time:  5- 10 Minutes  Difficulty:  Easy

For those of you out there with teens or tweens, you'll be able to relate.   Our kiddos come home from school ravenous and practically empty the pantry and refrigerator in the blink of an eye.  You would think we don't feed our kiddos!  Ok, perhaps I'm embellishing a bit, but it's close...they're teens...they eat so much food!  Oh my goodness!  

I try to have healthy choices for our kiddos when they come home from school, and this recipe is not only quick and easy, it's packed full of protein, vegetables and flavor.  Also, it is an incredibly satisfying lunch or after school snack, perfect for hungry teens.



Spread each tortilla with Terrapin Ridge Farms Chipotle Aioli, Terrapin Ridge Farms Hatch Chile Bacon Bacon Ranch Dip, or Cherchies® Hot Banana Pepper Mustard, then top the tortilla with the chopped green onions, turkey...

Next, layer the cucumber, tomato and lettuce.  I added sliced cheese at this point (just because). Roll up the wrap tightly and secure with a pick.

Slice the wrap in half.   A delicious lunch or snack anytime.  Enjoy!