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10 Kitchen Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Sheri SpalloneComment

10 Kitchen Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

It's time to take your kitchen tools to the next level and ultimately save you time and money in the kitchen.

There are so many gadgets these days designed to make your life easier, but did you know those same gadgets have a multitude of uses? (I love those "aha" moments). These are known as "hacks".

"A kitchen hack is an unusual, easier, and/or better way of performing a task that often saves money and time or improves the quality of the outcome" (Cook's Illustrated Magazine).

Who doesn't love to save time and money?

I found this book in my stocking this year (how ever did it get there?) from Cook's Illustrated Magazine, Kitchen Hacks:  How Clever Cooks Get Things Done,  Here are a few of my favorite hacks I thought you'd enjoy and perhaps have your own "aha" moment:)

1.  Apple Slicer- In addition to apples, use your apple slicer on potatoes to make quick steak fries or to chop nuts.

2.  Egg Slicer- Use an egg slicer to slice mushrooms, strawberries, olives, etc.

3.  Salad Spinner- Use a salad spinner to dry fresh herbs

4.  Pencil Sharpener-  Short on skewers? Turn take-out chopsticks into skewers by using a pencil sharpener.

5.  Wire Wisk - Use a sturdy wire whisk in place of a pastry cutter.

6.  Coffee Filters- No parchment paper for a cake pan?  Use an 8 inch coffee filter (8-10 cup filter), flattened to line an 8 inch cake pan.

7.  Muffin Tins- Use a muffin tin with liners to store ingredients while you cook (Aka "Mise en Place"  (Having all your ingredients prepared and ready to use).  No more small bowls to clean (there are so many uses for muffin tins...that will have to be another blog).

8.  Vegetable Peeler- Use a vegetable peeler to finely peel an onion

9.  Parchment Paper- Run out of muffin liners?  Use parchment paper.  Cut squares of parchment paper and mold over a glass.

10.  Grater- Cookies get a little brown?  Use a grater to gently grate off browned or burnt edges.

You ready to save time and money?