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Lemon Pepper Chicken Recipe

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Lem'n Pepper Chicken Recipe

Lem'n Pepper Chicken Recipe

Summer, means grilling!  My family and I grill year round, and during the winter, my brave hubby battles the elements and grills in his winter coat and snow boots.  I'm not that brave.  I'm quite the wimp when it comes to cold and I opt for grilling inside with my grill attachment.

This recipe is very easy, and with only a few ingredients, is the perfect meal for those impromptu get-togethers. You could easily use this recipe on chicken breasts, wings, etc., but legs were the choice this time, and I chose to use Cherchies® Lem 'n Pepper Spicy Blend

Try our other spices too!  (I usually make a batch of chicken legs with an assortment of our seasoning blends and have our guests choose their favorites).  This would be a lot of fun for a game night meal.


**(Could substitute Cherchies®Select Grilling Rub & Seasoning, Cherchies®Chardonnay Lime & Cilantro Seasoning, Cherchies®Garlic Seasoning, Cherchies®Pepper Pizzazz Seasoning, Cherchies® Salsa Seasoning, or Cherchies®Pepper 'n Lime Seasoning for a completely different taste...or mix them up!)


Light grill and turn on high.  After five minutes, turn grill down to low.

Brush Olive oil on Chicken legs.  Generously coat all sides of chicken with Cherchies® Lem 'n Pepper Spicy Blend (or any of our seasoning blends).

Place chicken legs on the grill and cook, turning every five minutes until juices run clear.  The result, lovely, juicy grilled chicken legs.  Enjoy!