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Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts Recipe

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Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts Recipe

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts Recipe

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Difficulty:  Easy

Yield: about 5 dozen.

You had me at bacon!  Practically anything wrapped in bacon is delightful, and these little gems are no exception.  This appetizer is the complete package; it has crunch from the water chestnuts, saltiness from the bacon and sweetness from the Cranberry Mustard.  Delicious and easy!

Another fantastic sweet/salty option is to serve these wrapped water chestnuts with our  Cherchies® Cherry Butter Spread and Cherchies® Strawberry Butter Spread.

You may want to grab some for yourself before you serve your guests because they will disappear off the tray.



Cut bacon strips into thirds and wrap bacon around each water chestnut, ensuring seam is at the bottom. Place bacon chestnut bundles in an ungreased baking pan. Brush each bacon bundle with Cherchies® Cranberry Mustard.

Bake the bundles at 375° for 25 minutes or until bacon is crisp.  

Remove the bacon-wrapped bundles from pan and drain on paper towels.  Spear the wrapped water chestnuts with toothpicks and serve these tasty morsels with our Cherchies® Cranberry Mustard.  

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