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What To Do with Hot Banana Peppers

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Hot Banana Peppers

Hot Banana Peppers

I was a picky eater as a kid, and never would have touched banana peppers. Silly me!  It's funny how tastes change, now I snack on them;) So what are they and how the heck are they used? Find out more below.

What is a Banana Pepper? The Banana pepper, (also known as a yellow wax pepper) is a member of the chili family, is usually anywhere from 2-4 inches in size, is mostly yellow-green but can be orange or red when fully ripened (where it is sweetest), and has a mild to medium tangy taste.  

The Banana Pepper gets it's name from the fruit it resembles, the banana.  

How do you use it?  Banana peppers can be pickled or fresh, where they are often used in sandwiches, salsas, salads, pizzas, and antipasta appetizers, or cooked in soups, stuffed with a variety of fillings, and yes...wait for it...added to mustards!! Whaaat?

That's right folks, we have combined our sweet mustard with banana hot peppers.  Our Banana Hot Pepper Mustard was the Gold Medal Winner of the World Wide Mustard Competition held at the Napa Valley Wine Festival.

This zesty mustard is made with Yellow Hot Banana Peppers (there are no "bananas"  in this mustard as we often get asked...just peppers and mustard). It's perfect as a spread on sandwiches, hot dogs, grilled sausages, and sushi,  in potato salads, as a dipping sauce,  and in most recipes where mustard is required. Once you try it you'll see why judges named it tops in its class. It has a little heat, but it's not overwhelming.  

Cherchies® Hot Banana Pepper Mustard

Cherchies® Hot Banana Pepper Mustard

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