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Inspirational Cooking Quotes

Sheri SpalloneComment

Inspirational Cooking Quotes

"Love Your Food, Love Your Wine". What a great quote.  My hubby and I are huge "foodies" and we love our wine (although I admit I don't always use the proper glass for the appropriate wine...sorry:),  so you can only imagine how amused I was when I ran across this cork. 

The words inspired me to share a few of my favorite food and wine quotes:)

“ We have an open door policy...Show up With Wine and We'll Open the Door" -

"I Cook With Wine, Sometimes I Even Add it to my Food". - W.C. Fields

"A Meal Without Wine is Like a Day Without Sunshine". - Robert Mondavi

"Don't Worry Honey, at Least You Didn't Burn the Wine" (Ouch!  That was me when I first got married) - ?

"Drinking Good Wine with Good Food in Good Company is One of Life's Most Civilized Pleasures". - Michael Broadbent