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Ham Company & Cafe Interview: Why We Love The HoneyBaked Ham

Sheri SpalloneComment

What's "a nice fit for ham?"  MUSTARD!  Cherchies® Mustard.  That's a quote from the President of The HoneyBaked Ham Co. & Cafe in Exton/Lionville, Pennsylvania.  With Easter on our doorsteps, why not have HoneyBaked Ham make your Easter dinner or any occasion easier?  "It's always a special occasion at HoneyBaked Ham."

I recently stopped in to visit our new local neighbor, The HoneyBaked Ham Co. & Cafe in Lionville/Exton Pennsylvania (who opened their doors locally in November of 2014).  To my delight there was an array of newly stocked Cherchies® mustards on the shelf.  I had to stop in and thank Wayne Masoner, the President of three local HoneyBaked Ham Cafes for carrying our products.   

Meet Jim and RJ, the faces of the Lionville/Exton The HoneyBaked Ham Co. & Cafe.  Talk about outstanding customer service!  Jim and RJ were amazing and were gracious enough to pose for a picture next to our mustards.  Thank you gentlemen!

Jim and RJ showing off Cherchies® mustards

Jim and RJ showing off Cherchies® mustards

For those unfamiliar with HoneyBaked Ham, you're missing out!  HoneyBaked Ham has franchises nationwide and all of their hams are hand-glazed with a one-of-a kind crunch glaze.  Yum!  Aside from their HoneyBaked hams, they also offer lunch and dinner with freshly made-to-order sandwiches using their signature HoneyBaked meats (ham, turkey, and roast beef), gourmet boxed lunches, scrumptious salads, delicious sides, and don't forget their mouth watering desserts!  Plus they cater and deliver for any occasion.  In addition to all the aforementioned attributes of this cafe, they also offer fabulous condiments, especially mustard;)

"Always a  Special Occasion".  HoneyBaked Ham of Exton/Lionville, Glen Mills, and Pike Creek caters and delivers

"Always a  Special Occasion".  HoneyBaked Ham of Exton/Lionville, Glen Mills, and Pike Creek caters and delivers

I had a lovely conversation with our new local neighbor, Wayne.

How long have you been in business? Wayne has been in business for 7 years, when he opened his first cafe in Glen Mills, PA, followed by his second establishment in Pine Creek,  Delaware, and his newest addition in Exton/Lionville, PA.

How long have you carried Cherchies® products?  Wayne has carried Cherchies® products for 7 years and currently carries them in all three of his stores.  He also carries Cherchies® Pretty Peppers in a couple of his stores.

Thank you for carrying our products.  How did you hear of Cherchies®"From past experience...I knew a buddy who carried Cherchies® in his establishment.  I've been following Cherchies® for years".  

What is your most popular Cherchies® products?  "That would have to be the Champagne's a good fit with ham". 

Thank you for meeting with me.  Now I need to order my holiday ham to go along with our Mustard. Who's with me?

Hand glazing each ham

Hand glazing each ham