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What is a Cook Along? Cook with others from around the world, have fun, and improve your cooking skills! 

How do I join? Our cook alongs are free and there is nothing to join. Just click on a cook along below to get started! We'll provide you with a supply list and all the links to follow along.

Do I need to be a chef or have special cooking skills? Our cook alongs are designed for cooks of all levels. With the help of our in-house chef, Sheri Spallone, we break down each recipe into easy achievable goals. We'll hold your hand and guide you step by step through each recipe and offer cooking tips and advice where needed. 

If I missed a cook along date, is it too late to make the recipe? If a cook along date has already passed or you missed a session, that's okay! The entire cook along is posted here on the blog and you can review it as often as needed!