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Fine Vines Ketchup Recipes

Sheri SpalloneComment

Beyond the typical french fry dipping sauce, and accompaniment to burgers and hotdogs, there are so many cool uses for ketchup in the kitchen.  This all-american condiment deserves to be the star of the show in your cooking, especially gourmet ketchup.  Gourmet mustards have been a trend for a long time. Now there's a new kid on the block, gourmet ketchups! These artisanal ketchups from Fine Vines feature interesting flavors like Grill SmokeSrirachaThai Ginger,Black Truffle, and of course..The Original.

Try ketchup in your cooking today!  Check out our blog on 15 Ways to Use Ketchup.

Here are the recipes featured in the video.  Enjoy!

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